Follow along as I express myself through art!! I never know from day to day what I will be doing in art or in my posts! I am on a journey to create, trying not to set limits or boundaries that will constrain the outcome of my expression. I have tried setting limits in the form of challenges to myself, only to find I rebel against it. Realizing that I created this box I find myself in, I am removing all restraints...

Monday, August 31, 2009

More summer projects...

As I promised, here is the swan I painted for Caitie's room. She is really in to swans lately, and blue is her favorite color. It is more a study than a painting really. I experimented with lots of bold color in my underpainting along with texture this time!

I am also posting an update on the angel painting. After showing it to another artist for a critique, I took his advice and softened some of the edges and tried to add some more lost edges for a little more interest. You can check out our friend's artwork at:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cara's List

I haven't posted in a while. Several months, looks like! Summer was busy and my camera broke in June! Ugh! Still haven't replaced it. I have been using my Kodak, but the pictures are, well, not that great! I may have to break down and buy an new one! Here is one picture that turned out. My girls were redecorating their room this summer and wanted art for their rooms! This is what Cara requested! I couldn't resist throwing in some "Mom advice". Kinda like sneaking zucchini in chocolate cake, I think. I am hoping to get a good picture of Caitie's painting later and will post it when I do!
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