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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ava's Baby Shower Book

I had made a friend a baby photo book for a gift and she liked it so much, she asked me to make one for her sister who was also expecting! She then asked me to make a little book for the baby shower. I had received a wonderful handmade sketchbook as a gift earlier in the year, and had been looking to make my own book. I looked it over and researched coptic stitch bookbinding and gave it a try. I think my stitching didn't turn out exactly like it was supposed to, but I do know it won't fall apart. I used Tim Holtz's distressed grunge chipboard for the cover, mostly because it was the right size. In the future I will be using mat board cut to the size I am needing. I used watercolor paper on the inside and covered it in scrapbook paper and made all kinds of pockets, little cards and places for notes. I definitely will be making more.


Anonymous said...

A handmade baby book is the best gift a new mom could have! This one looks really special, too.I'd love to see more details - stitching, pockets, etc.

rachel awes said...

what an amazing gift!
i'd love to see more of it too!!!

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